Temporary Admission (Temporary Importation) for Yachts in Europe

At Queensway Quay marina we are proud to provide the easiest solution to resetting your EU VAT status.  Whilst berthing in Gibraltar is regularly limited due to popular demand, Queensway Quay marina can provide guaranteed berth availability for boats needing to reset their Temporary Admission Procedure and restart their 18 months cruising time in the EU.

World Marine Service, our sister company, are able to provide all of the necessary customs documentation and Gibraltar Port Authority declaration, in order to prove to EU customs that the vessel has exited the EU for the purposes of renewing Temporary Importation.  Making the process as seamless and easy as possible WMS can assist with the initial EU exportation procedure, and re-admission in nearby Spain, again with the issuance of all relevant documentation, and resulting in the issuance of a certificate from the Spanish customs authorities, confirming the yacht’s Temporary Admission into the EU.

What is the Temporary Admission Procedure?

Under the Temporary Admission Procedure (TA), non-EU flagged vessels can be temporarily brought into the customs territory of the European Union (including territorial waters) without having to pay customs duties or Value Added Tax (VAT) for private use. However, the period of use in the EU is limited, and once it ends, the boat must leave, failure to do so will result in customs duty and VAT becoming due. It’s worth noting that a boat is temporarily admitted into the EU, not into a specific member state, so it can move between states without further customs formalities during the 18-month period allowed.

How long do you have to leave the EU to reset the Temporary Admission Procedure?

There is no minimum period during which your yacht must remain outside of the customs territory of the Union, so you can sail your yacht out of the EU and then start a new period of temporary admission when you return.

How does it work at Queensway Quay Marina?

We have a number of “hot berths” available at Queensway Quay Marina available to book for 24hours in order for you to reset your EU VAT status and start a new Temporary Admission Procedure. You have the option of formalising the paperwork yourself or using our sister company WMS through the Full Service TA.